Self Discipline

The new year is here and there's certain goals and achievements we want to accomplish. In previous blogs, I've spoken a bit about consistency and positioning, and it's importance in your life. Today, I want to talk about another important characteristic that we all must have in order to getting closer to those goals and things we have set out to get done, and that is discipline. "Self Discipline" is just as important as to finding the reason for your beginning. If you aren't planning to be disciplined, why even start right? Find your focus, stay focused, and stay disciplined.

Around this time a typical new years resolution every year is the "getting healthy and in shape" time; "I'm going to start exercising". Yet in about a month to three months realistically the majority of people with that resolution stop or just give up on it. Having this physical goal is just an example that I am using to portray the lack of discipline that many of us have had. Many of us also have personal goals, financial goals, spiritual goals, etc. whatever our goals are, I am 100% sure that without discipline we are not going to get too far! Look I'm here to tell you that there is a reason why you wanted to start! Im here to tell you that its going to be worth it if you stick to it! But without discipline or planning to be discipline, save yourself the time and effort and don't even go for it, you're not being realistic with yourself. Be real and be disciplined!

Take the time today to plan better. Take the time to analyze what it is you truly want in your life. Stick to the plan and stick to your reasoning, be disciplined. It's going to be tough. Times are going to get rough, but remind yourself why you started in the first place. Discipline yourself! #LIVELIKEIT every single day and continue to take action. Take action in actually holding your ground and not giving in! LIVELIKEIT by being disciplined everyday. If you haven't been disciplined or have caught yourself not taking action, start making changes right now and continue to #LIVELIKEIT.