It's going to be OK | LIVELIKEIT

Today I want to elaborate and inspire you guys and remind you that "It's going to be OK." I want you guys to really start taking things into perspective and start noticing how talented and gifted you really are. Think about it, if you didn't have something special in your or had value, do you think you will still be here today? I know it's a tough question to ask yourself, but the reality is that God still has a purpose in your life. He has some goodness in you that he wants you to start bringing to life. We have to start taking action, start to truly LIVELIKEIT, and simply have faith and know that everything is going to be OK. 

Many of us haven't started something because of the simple fact of either fear or worry of the outcome. Whatever it is that is in your heart today, and that has been there for some time, RIGHT NOW is the time to start making things happen. Go for it! LIVELIKEIT! Just look back and ask yourself another question, how has it been every time since I tried something new? Was I ok? The answer, at least for myself, is that God has always pulled me through! And let me emphasize that he is always going to pull through and get you to that other side you are trying to get to. He has always pulled me and you through and he wont ever stop puling you through. He hasn't stopped pulling all of us through, and it wont be any time soon that he will stop getting you through. The main reason he wont stop is because he wants you to start living by faith, with faith, and never leaving your faith. Faith takes believing, knowing that it all is going to be OK. 

Right now take that leap. Know that it is going to be OK. When you take action and LIVELIKEIT you are living with purpose. You are unraveling your gift, and that is what life is about; showcasing your gifts because you can make a difference in this world. There is no perfect time to do things, the time is NOW! And if you know that things are going to be OK, and you start to do things now and live by faith, I promise you it'll all be OK. LIVELIKEIT today and always.