Take Risks

Have you ever been to the airport before and have noticed how busy the airport really is? In between the departures, arrivals, and all terminals and gates, man it is busy! The other day I was in the airport and noticed this, and I asked myself one thing in particular throughout the craziness, "Do these people know the risk they are taking?" Although this is a question many don't ask themselves while being in an airport about to take flight, they must realize that flying is a risk. The irony lies in how you must take that flight to reach your destination and how this relates to life. This is something I want to encourage you all and motivate you in "Taking Risks."

What happens if the passengers never take flight or get on that airplane and takeoff? They will never reach their destination. There's a similarity with life; if we don't take risks in life, we don't tend to reach certain destinations or get rewarded. Their is a beauty in risk-taking. You tend to find a little bit more about yourself when you take them. We must take that flight, take the leap of faith, and just jump for the things we want in life, and guess what, it is going to take some risk-taking to get there. They say that at times "not knowing the outcome of things is usually tends to become the best outcome." Most of us don't take risks because of the misconception of the statement "it's too risky." Well, that's the point and that is where that fulfillment and excitement comes in; when the risks are rewarded and a destination has been reached.

Just like the airport and hopping on that plane, we must in life take flight of our own and go for things. We must LIVELIKEIT! AT ALL TIMES! This is going to take some guts, grit, faith, desire and all of the above, but trust me that the reward and the result of risks that you take are like no other. Take that risk today. If you haven't done something you've always wanted to do because of anything in your way whether being mentally, physically, or spiritually, get that out of the way right now and LIVELIKEIT. Take flight! Take Risks. Always take action, LIVELIKEIT and know that there's always more of a reward(s) when you take risks. #LIVELIKEIT