The Fear of Failure

Most of us live our lives with the fear of constantly failing. I want to speak today and write to you guys a little bit about letting go of “The Fear of Failure”. Failure is part of our successes. They say if you don’t fail you’re not trying, and without trying you are not going to achieve anything. Letting go the fear of failure is the first step of after you have decide to live off of your faith. Once you decide to take that leap of faith, fear must be wiped out, erase all types of fears of failures from your mentality. See, if we don’t fail we won’t learn. We all have specialties and certain skills that we must bring to life and the first step of bringing them to life is letting go of fear. It’s sad that most of us live our lives without reaching our full potential due to the fact that we are scared to take any type of risks, scared to take any type of leaps, we’re just scared of the unknown.

I want you all to read this and place in your mind that we all must take chances, take risks, take that leap of faith and know that everything is going to be alright. Start knowing and feeling that you are going to succeed no matter what. Today, start letting go of all your fears, of all your doubts, of all of the lies that the enemy is trying to place in your mind. It’s time to take that jump into the unknown; it’s time to go after the goodness that awaits us. In order to achieve the goals and to get the goodness of the promises God has for us, we must let go of fear and live by faith. The best things lie on the other side of “just letting go and living!”

Let’s start living today without the fear of failure. Let go of fear and start living with hunger, excitement, and pure joy that we know we are going to get things done. #LIVELIKEIT today and always, become greater, and achieve the goals that you have set out to achieve. Take action, let go and let God, and always keep that hope. Refine your mentality and continue to #LIVELIKEIT!

                                                              -ADRIEL JIMENEZ

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