About Us

Welcome to LIVELIKEIT Brand! The brand intended in helping you become so much better. On a day to day basis we have so many emotions, thoughts, and ideas that come into play. LIVELIKEIT brand's purpose is to remind every single one of us to take action in everything we think of. We are all entitled to our own thoughts, ideas, desires and overall our destiny. Let's continue to live. Let's continue to LIVELIKEIT. 

What is LIVELIKEIT Brand About?

LIVELIKEIT Brand is owned by Live Like It Life, LLC which is the parent company to all of its subsidiary entities. Through its entities it'll be bringing you LIVELIKEIT Brand, that on the daily will help you become a better individual. We take pride in making sure that you are feeling blessed, motivated, inspired, and overall great into your endeavors. LIVELIKEIT believes that any individual can get anything done in life, if you truly believe and LIVELIKEIT, you definitely can reap what you sow. Everything in life and any creation begins with a thought, an idea, and then the action that follows that thought or idea is what becomes the final product though of. Therefore, to get things done we must "Live Like It" (LIVELIKEIT) at all times. That's our goal!

We all have within us the power to create, to innovate, and to excel; we always want to improve. We are species that have exposed the word "impossible"; "impossible" doesn't exist, its a lie, and we are living proof of that. LIVELIKEIT Brand is bringing you inspiration daily through its LIVELIKEIT Clothing and LIVELIKEIT Talks. The intentions are here to improve generations to come, and it's here to remind you through clothing and it's inspirational feeds, that we are all able and that the best is yet to come.


LIVELIKEIT Brand's vision is to bring you a brand that is going to encourage everyone to live up to their true potential by taking action on every idea and thought that they think will get them to the next level in their life. 


LIVELIKEIT is an inspiring lifestyle brand that believes in bettering yourself.


Adriel Jimenez is a young entrepreneur who has figured out that in life we just can't talk about things, we must actually take action and live how we think. Jimenez, a young determined individual who grew up in the vibrant city of Miami, FL studied Communications in Florida International University and whom has been through many stages throughout his life in which he has noticed one thing in particular, and that is that everyone wants to be great. He's noticed that we all want greatness but at times are scared of what lies ahead. Adriel Jimenez is a firm believer that anyone through true faith can conquer anything they desire to conquer. Fear is just simply False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R). This was one of the main reasons why Jimenez founded Live Like It Life and its affiliates. He is passionate about helping many individuals become great and truly fulfill their dreams. We will leave you all with this quote in which Jimenez lives by: "You can't have a testimony without being tested; and you can't have a breakthrough without being broken. Be patient, define who you are, take action, have faith & LIVELIKEIT" -Adriel Jimenez, Owner & Founder.